War on Police

War on Police

It is well known in the law enforcement community there is a, “War on Police” mentality within the rank and file.  Police Officers across the nation believe it was started by the lack of backing by the Obama administration, starting with disgraced President Obama himself. The left liberal fake news media attempted to thwart the efforts of the police and attempted to mold and brainwash Americans abroad with their fake news.  The War on Police is real and evident by the numerous police killings over the past few years, in where, many were ambushed sitting in their patrol cars bothering nobody. This war continues and as it looks, liberal fake news outlets are still reporting fake news against the police 24 hours a day.  Many fake news outlets such as CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, New York Times, Los Angeles Times and other liberal outlets are relentless in the efforts to make the police look bad and give them little credit.  Since Ex-President Obama was basically ran-out of office, President Donald J. Trump has taken over as a real Commander-N-Chief and has already met with Chief’s of Police and Sheriff’s from around the world in effort to instill law and order. The Radical Islamic Terrorists have waged war on police for the past several years, our mission is to stop the influx of Muslims into America.  Most Muslims who sneak into America and deemed illegal have not been vetted and have been found to have radial ties to ISIS and other Islamic Radial Terrorist groups.  The liberal libtards do not get it, their idea is to kill them with love and they will come around.  What they do not realize is that is not their mission, their mission is to control America and force their religion and ways of life here on on American soil. .

Law and Order

President Trump has already signed many executive orders reversing useless orders from the past President.  Since the signing of these executive orders, the stock market has skyrocketed and an upward trend and because of this we will see confidence replenished in our economy.  However, this does not relieve our stress on the police who are being questioned by the left day fter day.  Now then, there is a sense of confidence in President Trump to bring back law and order but some think it may be to late for such changes as the devil has been allowed to reign.  You have to remember, there is much to be done because laws would have to be reversed and that is not so easy.  The libtards in California for example have all but ruined the staples of laws and many would have to be repealed.  The crime is so out of control in California, I doubt it can be changed due to the extreme liberals who control Hollywood and all the fake news outlets.

Private Security Needed

My suggestion would be to hire private independent security contractors who are highly trained in the area of protection and have them on the front lines of these so-called protests and would be routs.  I say this because they would have the authority to take control of large crowds and would not be held to the same standard.  Meaning, they would be given authority to arrest etc… but trained to handle large crowds and can respond in mass.  This would allow the police to do police work and take them out of the lime light.  If the police are called in they need to take immediate action and not wait to arrest.  The order to “stand down” is no more and the liberals are not in charge of anything any longer.  President Trump, has made it clear there will be law and order and he will back the police. There has been rumor of the National Guard be brought in to help quell the crime in Chicago, Illinois but this is only rumored at this time.  Although, I believe it to be a good idea with a little tweaking it could prove to be effective.  Bottom line, we need to work together to look for viable solutions to the problem. We need better training, higher standards and additional education to make law enforcement great again!

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