War on America

War on America! Yes, we can clearly say we’re being attacked on every front across the nation! Our liberal government has failed us in just about every thinkable way possible, they have thwarted our efforts in saving America from radical Muslims. With the recent attack in the Inland Empire, San Bernardino County, we can only pray and hope our government uncovers the truth about the incident. You would think our American government could do just about anything but reality tells us that is untrue we’re all human and can only do so much in life. Yes, our law enforcement is good and they have done some brilliant police work over time, however, this is something they no little about when it comes to terror on a large scale.  It is not a bad thing, it is something we all  have to work on.  Now then, our military vets no best as they have fought the war across the world for many years and they will tell you the only thing you can do is kill the enemy who are trying to kill you.  You cannot reason with radical Muslims who are programmed to kill you from birth.  The only thing they know is hate.  Why?  Well, read their Quran, that is what they ALL go by no matter if they are radical or not.

So, without getting off note here, if you look at it correctly we are in a sense in a war across America with these unknown radical people who are willing to die for their cause and take us with them at any cost.  The question still remains, “What in the heck do you do to stop it?”  I really do not think there is any answer other than pray about it and leave it in God’s hands, however, we must take steps to combat them in any regard if they attempt to resort to violence.  Gun restriction is not the answer and will not work. If anything, gun education and training will work, its called investing in your people and making them safe.  This article is nothing new, you can read about this crap all over the internet but my point here is you do not have to believe in islam or what it supposedly stands for.  Just remember,  though if they’re trying to kill us off then we will have to address it sometime or another otherwise mass shootings and terror attacks will keep happening.

If you look at it correctly our government has tracked down and killed most of the horrendous terror attackers, but look what happens…..there is another to take the decedents place.  Meaning, we keep killing the bad guys but there is one right behind them, so in essence will just come full circle.  Why? Because, they’re investing in their people not with gun restriction, but gun education so they can carry out their terror. That’s why I say we need to invest in our own people and educate and train them in gun safety in order for them to protect themselves.

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