U.S. Military Blasts ISIS

The United States Military has pummeled ISIS and continues to give them a beating morning, day and night!  The Jordan Air Force has also bombed ISIS and seen major progress in their solo attempt to wipe them out.  They are terrorist of the worse kind with no regard to the human race.  America will not allow ISIS to take over the world, ISIS is relatively small despite what American journalists are reporting, it makes for news and lines the pockets of new media outlets, but truth be told there are only pockets or cells in small masses across the third world countries. ISIS will not survive, they can continue to recruit peasants and train them all day, they’re no match for the U.S. Military.


Although President Obama’s is conceding to the Muslim faction, America isn’t and his short time in office will a short run.  We will take back America and once again flex our muscle, our military is the best in the world and we shall prevail.  ISIS is nothing more that a group of thug muslims who are taking a feeble attempt and killing innocent and unarmed people.  People from around the world love Americans, again despite what you hear in the media, they would love to be here and enjoy our freedom our military has given us.  We pray for our military men and woman who are fighting in the trenches of the scolding hot desert against people who have no sense about them.  Please check out the links on the front page of our website, the website links have vital information you may be able to use in your own life.  If you need help and want to ask questions please contact us as fast as you can we’re here for you.


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