Two NYPD Officers Gunned Down

Two NYPD officers were murdered in their patrol car, striking the vein of America. Officers Liu and Ramos, were sitting in their patrol car when they were ambushed by a crazed killer, who shot both officers in the head, killing them both. The crazed gunman ran away like a coward to a nearby subway platform before he turned his gun on himself and committed suicide. We do not mention the killers name as he deserves nothing. Yes, some things are not mentioned such as the date, time and location, but really what does it matter? Both Officer Liu and Ramos were assassinated by a crazy demonic nut ball who was so selfish he cowardly took his own life. Anyway, please help our officers in this time of need, all we ask is you pray for them and their families, surely that is not to much to ask for.


There are many haters out there in the world today, and the police have a hard time pleasing everyone, but for people to kill the police enrages people not only in NY but globally. Of course, many officers who were on scene will suffer from post traumatic stress it is something you just can’t make go away.  But nobody else wants to do the job, and this makes it even harder to deal with.  People for the most part like the police, it sucks when there is a bad apple and things go wrong but for the most part people love the police.  Police officers do suffer from post traumatic stress and do need help.  Most departments offer very little help and have a lack of understanding of what the term p.t.s.d. really means.  Most states do not recognize p.t.s.d. as being a mental injury, but lets be real…that is only because they do not want to pay out…they think everybody is out to rip them off.


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