Post Traumatic Stress

Welcome to a streaming news site reporting stories of post traumatic stress across America. Yes, Post traumatic stress is real, alive and well in 2014!  However, there is hope for our Police, Military and E.M.S. personnel with new laws and new bills being passed everyday.  We are starting to see a glimmer of hope as people have now opened their eyes and believe in helping our heroes and are taking direct steps to pass bills through our legislature so our police, military and E.M.S. can receive the medical help, financial help and counseling they need to adapt to society.


As we speak, our Military men and women are fighting against combatants, terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq with guns blazing and I.E.D’s blowing up left and right, with the enemy being punished our troops are still being killed and or injured.  Our troops abroad are returning home broken and shocked due to traumatic events no man or women should ever endure.  Our Deputy Sheriff’s and Police Officers are fighting the war on the mean streets of America 24/7, enduring shocking crime, shootings, stabbings, suicides and domestic terrorism everyday.


Yes, our professionals have become victims of Post Traumatic Stress and yes, I am leaving out the word “disorder” as most people are now saying it is not a disorder, and I agree! Our journey is and has been a long one as we have many steps to overcome, so please come join us on our journey and let’s make it right for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice!


I would invite each and everyone of you to share your story and let us be there for you.  If you need anything at all please email us and we will contact you immediately.


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