Police Officers with PTSD

Police officers with post traumatic stress disorder are being abandoned by their very own agency they so much loved.  Most police officers enjoy their job and give it their very all when fighting crime, whether it be a small city or a big city, every police officer puts their life on the line.  What can society expect?  Well, it is hard to place a measurement on what exactly is expected, but what we do know is every officer takes an oath to uphold the law for the protection of people and their assets.


When police officers are involved in critical incidents, society seems to believe it is just a part of their job and they can handle whatever comes their way.  Although this  may be true to some extent cops are still human and do have feelings and emotions.  Moreover, most police officers who have been a cop for very long may not realize it but post traumatic stress slowly creeps in and embeds itself in the mind of the officer.


Those of you who are victims of post traumatic stress certainly know what I am talking about as years down the line you will definitely remember the cause and effect as it relates to those critical incidents.  It is the smell of blood, the screaming of terror in peoples voices, it is the taste of death in  your mouth from all the unattended deaths, it is the wailing of victims who have been raped, stabbed, shot or worse.


Police officers endure the pain of others without consciously knowing they have even done so.  Police officers are human and to think they can just turn it on and off is rather stupid but it is true…they cannot.  People in society do not realize the life of a police officer and what it really means to put the badge on with a strap and go out and fight crime.


If you’re a police officer, I would really like to hear from you and what you think we can do to help fix this void in police work.  Please comment below and let me know what you’re thinking….


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