Military PTSD

Military P.T.S.D. – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is on the rise and from the looks of it, there is nothing to stop it.  More and more cases are being evaluated every day across America.  Why?  Well, of course there are many different reasons but most likely it is because our Federal Government is coming around and sending troops for evaluations.  It is to the governments benefit they find out as soon as possible for liability purposes and also for the benefit of the troops, the latter first.   Anyway, we can speculate all day as to why there are more evaluations but one thing we do know is more and more troops are being diagnosed with clear and convincing evidence of P.T.S.D.


If you believe you may have P.T.S.D. please email us we can steer you in the right direction and can show what steps to take to protect you along the way.  You may ask why you need protection, well the most of us have experience and you will soon learn you must protect your rights as it relates to medical benefits, retirements etc…  Please take the time and  email us if you need help in any area.


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