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Military conservative
Military conservative

Military conservatives are looking for the next President of the United States to be a real Commander-n-Chief who can lead our military men and women with great pride and courage. Our current President has a very low rating with our military men and women who have expressed dissatisfaction with the political crap being spewed by our current President. Of course, most will not say much publicly since they’re still active and do not want to be discharged in bad light. What is amazing is when you speak to our military men and women they’re all saying the same thing, it’s not like they are conspiring.

In the year 2015, we’re seeing many veterans returning from war with major psychological issues due to the type of combat they had been subject to.  Why? Well, simple, it is the unknown 24/7.  Will it be a woman wearing a burka who is trying to kill them? Or, is it a young child carrying a grenade in their pocket who is trying to kill them? Or, is it the teenager who is wearing a suicide belt loaded with C-4 waiting to blow them up?  Now then, any of the examples I cited could very well happen. Unlike traditional wars, our troops could clearly see who the enemy was and it was fairly easy to engage.  In post modernism wars, this is not the case and therefore cause our troops to be on a different type of alert. Thus, psychological issues occur and when they return to the states their minds are trained and to decompress is very difficult to rewire.

Moreover, when our troops return they’re faced with the extreme right and the extreme left and have difficulty in understanding what is propaganda and what is not. And, with the technology moving swiftly as it is, they are having to catch up on what they missed even if only being deployed for one year.  Remember, under the Obama administration the United States has been in turmoil over the past several years and our troops can see the silly decisions which are being made within our government all whilst they’ve been at war. Our troops take offense to what is going on within our government and feel as though they’ve been duped.  Sure, the Wounded Warrior Project does great things for our troops with all the sports, outdoor outings etc… but  what they are really concerned about is the Veteran Affairs dropping the ball every day because they say there is no money to take care of them.  This failure is due to the Obama administration attempting to dupe our military troops into thinking they’re doing great things for them upon their return such as sending them skiing, snowboarding etc… when in reality, they receive very poor healthcare.

Truth be told at the end of the day, our military conservative troops are demanding to “Take America Back!” It is almost like a fairy tale to most of our troops, since they do not understand how America would even think about allowing Syrian refugee’s to come to our heartland. It’s almost like a slap in the face as they say its a no brainer the Syrians do not like Americans and undoubtedly will be infiltrated by ISIS in order to sneak into the United States.  Our troops know for a fact you cannot change Syrians to our way of a democratic society, they want to kill us and there is no negotiation.  Please leave your comments so our troops can see your support!

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