Marines with P.T.S.D. are Pissed Off

Marines with post traumatic stress disorder are pissed off!  Why?  In speaking with United States Marines who have been discharged with post traumatic stress are angry not only with the government whom they love but society as well.  After all, they sacrificed it all for all Americans who say they appreciate them but really all they hear are words versus actions.  Marines are having difficulty fitting back into society like everything is suppose to be back to normal. In all reality, things are not back to normal, for the Marine it is increasingly worse for them to adapt.  Meaning, Marines are now disillusioned by what society expects of them. This is very understandable, we took our youth and made them highly trained killers and sent them into foreign lands to kill our enemies and then when they return, they’re expected to go back to work for Starbucks serving lattes and mikados for a living like nothing ever happened with a smile on their faces.

No wonder, they are so pissed off, who could really blame them?  They need more of an exit plan versus what the military currently offers.  There should also be civilian exit plans, where our military vets can seek assistance.  This should include medical help as well, it is NOT a bad thing it is a GOOD thing for our veterans to receive such treatment.  Even if they go to the Veterans Administration Affairs there should be a separate unit set up for people to get assistance as needed.  A lot of times, there doesn’t need to be a doctor involved it is just a matter of having a counselor or someone to speak with who can offer support.  How about a financial adviser?  I think you get my point here… there are many areas of assistance we owe to our veterans.  It has been suggested that there be a civilian review board in order to give veterans a fair shake we filing for post traumatic stress relief and benefits.

Military officials have been cooperative and seem to be accepting of claims for post traumatic stress as being real.  Truth be told most military officials who seen the recruit come show up from the first day until he/she comes back from war is devastating even to the veteran military officials.  The change of behavior is the haunting look in the eyes of the veteran who has witnessed the worse of the worse in life and cannot fine his/her way back to reality as it relates to the real world. The screaming voices, the sight of the unknown and hypertension has locked in and they cannot escape.  The veteran needs to be re-trained to adapt to society and truly needs help finding a comparable place of employment.  Spouses of military veterans should be included in debriefing in order to allow a full understanding of what the veteran may be experiencing when returning from war.  There are many things the veterans are pissed off about and one of the main issues are their spouses do not understand them.

Many veterans do not realize they have changed and when depression sets in along with anxiety they find ways to self-medicate such as using alcohol or illegal drugs.  You would think they would see their doctor in order to get help, however, many times when they found themselves at Veterans Hospital they were turned away and referred to the mental health unit.  Well, this turned off the veteran as they did not want to be labeled and tried to stick it out but found overtime they could not endure the pain associated with being injured.  Most countries do nothing for their veterans when they return from war but maybe that’s why their countries always seem to have the problems they do, but like most Americans say…that is not our problem.  Please understand most veterans eventually overcome post traumatic stress over long periods of time but the problem seems to be a negative in society and the veteran has this cloud that will follow forever.  Perhaps medical records could be sealed to the point a court order would be necessary for employers to review.  If not, we will continue to see our veterans refuse to get help because of this type of labeling.  Mental health officials are not much help in this area as most do not make much money working for Veterans Affairs, where mental health officials working in private practice are the ones who do well but that leaves out most military vets.  If you need further information please use our contact page and we will repond as soon as possible.  Please leave us a comment and let us know how we’re doing.

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