Las Vegas Metro Officers Murdered in Cold Blood

Las Vegas Metro Officers murdered in cold blood while eating lunch in a pizzeria in Las Vegas.  The officers were murdered in cold blood, meaning they were on duty enjoying some pizza and soda while on their lunch break when two killers took them by surprise.  These two killers shot both officers, who fell to the ground dead and whilst on the ground the two cowardly killers stole the officers weapons and ammunition. Before leaving the killers draped a flag over each officer, one flag said something about a revolution and the other a Nazi swastika flag.  The two cowardly killers ran away….as cowards would.  Then a few hundred yards away they shot and killed an innocent citizen who was in the parking lot of a local Walmart store.  Once the two killers entered Walmart they ordered everyone out.  Luckily, many people escaped which gave time for the police to arrive and enter into a shoot out with the killers.  Nevada Metro police reportedly killed one of the killers and of course the other killer took their own life.

The above paragraph was left vague as you can find the same information all over the internet in great details, what you most likely will not find strewn all over the internet is the fact that many officers will suffer from Post Traumatic Stress due to seeing, hearing or handling the deaths of two of their beloved brave comrades.  One piece of known evidence are images on the internet displaying officers on scene weeping. Most of us who are officers and or retired officers realize it would have to traumatic to see your fellow officer weeping in public in the line of duty.  It does not make it wrong, it just is not seen to often as it seems to shock our brains when we do.  My concern here is the officers on scene get the help they need to deal with such a traumatic event.  Even if it were to be a hug, or whatever their department could offer in way of coping with such a tragedy.  The murders of these two brave Las Vegas Metro Officers was disgusting and demeanable  to the extent it tears down the confidence level of any and all officers who have been highly trained to win and never give up.  But when there is no chance to win or a chance to survive goes against our gain and we have no way of wining.  Or at least that is what one would think, however, we will always win in police work and sometimes our finest officers are taken from us in the midst of wining but we will win.  If you know of any officer who needs help or assistance please get in touch with us right away so we can help.



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