Islamic Radical Terrorists

Islamic Radical Terrorists has become a household title here in America.  Why?  Not because Americans are scared of any terrorists, we’ve had our fair share of domestic terrorists right here on our own soil.  The way Americans look at Islamic Radical Terrorists is not what one may think.  Americans realize there is a lot of propaganda being distributed through the Obozo administration since the Commander-N-Chief is a devote muslim himself.   With that being said, it is well known “Islamic Radical Terrorists” is not a title that will be used in our current government, but no worries in several months that will all change and you and I are likely to see a new strong government headed up by a Christian.

In America, I believe most will tell  you that they too believe in freedom of religion but not one that kills, rapes, tortures anyone!  Our military soldiers have fought for our freedom abroad which allows for our freedom.   Many of our military have lost limbs, been blown up with shrapnel, witnessed torture, post traumatic stress disorders and other ailments. Our position is to back up our military and our government but we also have to realize our government has to go by the rules.  We cannot open our boarders to the third-world countries who have a different belief system than ours. We must continue to protect our borders and vet anyone who enters. I am all for diversity and “legal immigration” but if people do not want to go by the rules then they should be turned away. Remember, if we do not vet people coming in from known and documented terrorist countries we’re opening Pandora’s box and will likely not recover.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look an Europe they’re in big trouble!

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