Firefighters faced with Violence

Firefighters faced with violence is more prevalent than ever, with thugs causing riots all over America we’re seeing a trend with no end in sight.  Our firefighters are experiencing day to day violence during their tour of duty.  Perhaps it is their uniforms?  Nobody seems to know exactly, but it seems mostly thugs who resent the uniform and what it represents.  Firefighters are now faced with handling hostile violent thugs and lack training as unarmed individuals to keep the peace until the police arrive.  It looks as though firefighters will need major training in order to handle violent thugs and too may have to arm themselves with sidearms.  After all, why should they not be able to carry a weapon?  Why not?  Well, really no one can think of a true single reason our firefighters should not be able to carry a sidearm.   Many times firefighters find themselves first on scene and have to act swiftly in life or death situations prior to the police arriving on scene.

Do we continue to ignore the fact firefighters are unarmed?  I am not so sure we can no longer ignore it and hope they will be okay.  What people do not realize is many firefighters are assaulted and are victims of crimes every year across America.  In the State of California, firefighters assigned as investigators are trained to carry a firearm and have full authority to do so.  California prides itself in this area!  One true fact is fire investigators take a huge burden off the police, when all along firefighters should have investigators since they specialize in arson.  Deputy Sheriffs and or officers really do not specialize in arson fires and only have limited knowledge, training or practicable experience in this area.  So then, what happens is fire investigators respond to scenes, conduct potential criminal investigations, interview witnesses and or suspects and must be armed.  Why? Well, it’s pretty obvious danger could present itself and due to arson being a violent crime fire investigators must be able to protect themselves.

As a society, we have to remember and take into consideration our firefighters are first responders and will deal directly with violent offenders.  It does not matter if you work in Sedgwick County Fire Department, Wichita Metro, Kansas or Los Angeles City Fire Department, Los Angeles Metro, California.  People are people and a crime is a crime.  Meaning, it is difficult to gauge where violence may appear but all firefighters across America should receive training in how to handle people during riots or self defense.  Let’s get to the point here…I am sure we can all agree our traditional way of firefighting must change.  Our firefighters need to know what to do when or if they are attacked in the line of duty, we have a duty to protect them from violent offenders. Firefighters should be given more power of authority to arrest, if and when necessary.  I am not saying make cops out of them, but they need more authority to carryout their jobs in the year 2015. Do you have any idea how many firefighters go out on workers compensation claim annually?  If not, let me tell you the figures are staggering and the coffers are just about dried up.

We must train our firefighters hand-to-hand combat and at least one of them on the firetruck should be armed for the protection of all.  It does not matter if it is a Fire Battalion Chief, Captain or a hose man any of them should carry a firearm.  The way I look at it is if a Banker can apply and receive permission to carry a concealed weapon in order to protect himself/herself then surely a highly trained firefighter can do the same.  We really have to rethink this idea but to ignore it much longer could be devastating.  Back in 2006, Raymond Oyler was arrested for multiple counts of murder,  when in  Riverside County California he set a forest fire which killed five Riverside County Firefighters in the line of duty. Raymond, serial arsonist, was convicted of murdering all five Riverside County firefighters and was sentenced to death on June 5, 2009.  Please let us know if you have any ideas how we can further protect our fireman by commenting below.

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