Ferguson Officers face P.T.S.D.

Ferguson, Missouri Police Officers will undoubtedly face some form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to the turmoil in recent days in where it is alleged Ferguson Officer Wilson shot an unarmed man who robbed a convenience store.  Officer Wilson was allegedly viciously attacked by a huge man by the name of Mike Brown, the officer was attacked inside his patrol car where at least one shot was fired.  Thereafter, Mike Brown was shot and killed, however, the witnesses gave conflicting reports and were clearly lying about most of what happened giving a wide variety of tails of what they actually witnessed.  Officer Wilson was rushed to the hospital for medical treatment.  Days of savage looting and rioting in the small country town of Ferguson took place over the past week.  The police chief did a great job with what he had to quell a savage crowd who assaulted officers with rocks, bottles, Molotov cocktails, and gun fire!


The Governor of the state puffed out his chest and called in the State Police to take over the security of the town, embarrassing the Ferguson Police Department and its officers.  During the day, a State Police Captain, Jackson,  who tried to slide in all Rico Suave whom the news media called a “black man”, touting he grew up in the neighborhood would change things up a bit.  Well, the crowd of protesters in the daytime were halfway civil… You could see Capt. Jackson hugging protesters in many images throughout the day, but come night fall…it was pure savagery… people attacked the State Police just as they had the Ferguson Police.  Did the governor really believe sending a black officer from the state police would make a difference.  I might add,  a Ferguson Police Officer has the same authority as a State Trooper, if not more!  So then, it is merely a myth they are any better than the Ferguson Police, in case  you were wondering!  I might add, Capt. Jackson, has clammed up now that his hometown homies were not so friendly.  In the meantime, Ferguson Officers are standing by feeling helpless as if the world has turned against them.  One of their own is facing public ridicule for doing his job!  The thoughts are racing and with the long hours of stress it will wear on the officers.  Is there any help for the officers, such as counseling?  Is there any protection for the officers?  Is there any protection for their wives and family?  We can only hope and pray for the best!  Lastly, if you are in need of help or believe you may have P.T.S.D. please email us and we can direct you where to find the help you need.  We believe in you!



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