EMS with P.T.S.D.

Emergency Medical Services with post traumatic stress disorder is no joke.  Everyday in America, our E.M.S. responders are faced with the worst of the worst in life, working on the front lines 24 hours a day responding to emergencies.  Yes, they knew when they took the job there would be such tragedies, however, that does not mean they are any less human.  Post traumatic stress is something our police, military and fire personnel are encountering more and more due to the vast amount of violence we are seeing more of everyday in America.  It is almost like how can one cope with such madness, especially when you have society second guessing something they know very little about.  Ambulance drivers, Paramedics are only a few to be named here but their stress levels are often overlooked by society.  My thoughts are, emergency medical services should receive the same treatment as everyone else when it comes to medical care.


Many times, the demons within all of us can take a toll on our lives in many different ways.  Some resort to alcohol or drugs to take the pain away, especially after having nightmares or night sweats over seeing gruesome car crashes, people screaming for help, little kids bleeding with an amputated arm or leg or missing eyes.  The smell of blood, people wailing from pain for loved ones. The desperate look in victims eyes as they know death is upon them at any given moment.  When our emergency medical services personnel are giving C.P.R. to a cardiac arrest patient and they can’t save their life.  It is all high major stress that causes our E.M.S. friends and loved ones to lose sight of who they are and suffer from post traumatic stress, I would like to invite the each of you to comment here, this way our E.M.S. can see you care and they are not all alone.  Please take the time to give some attention to our police, fire, ems and military service personnel.  They deserve the best in life for all their individual sacrifices.


As Americans we must help our own, we must love our own, we must invest in our own!  As Americans we will always prevail in life, we are the power in the world, we will survive, we are Americans.  Please come back and visit our website soon, and please take a look at our links and support our paid advertisers, it really helps out.  Without you we do not have an audience!  If you have any questions about post traumatic stress we can help you, just leave a comment or go to the contact page and we will get back to you asap, we check our messages regularly.  We truly want to help you in anyway possible but if we do not know we can’t help.  We have many people who are professional who  have worked with the real United States Marine Corp. wounded warrior project, we have real retired and active police officers and deputy sheriffs who have post traumatic stress and are willing to guide you and help in anyway possible.


If you know someone who needs guidance, legal help, medical help with post traumatic help you came to the right place.  It is not the end of the world, we are not going to tell your employer, we are not going to tell mental health officials, we are not going to turn you in.  We are here to help you in confidence and in confidentiality.  What do we get out of it?  Well, we get nothing more the self satisfaction of helping your or your loved one.  We are not paid or anything we just want to help whoever we can along the way.  All warriors are accepted and no warrior will ever be turned away from this site.  Remember, we have lawyers who will help you too, in criminal defense cases, medical cases and civil cases as well.  Plus, we have an ace insurance adjuster who specializes in warrior claims and will help you like crazy to get what is coming to you.  Please take this opportunity and contact us so we can help you get to where  you need to be.  It is not to late and we can help change things in your life, most of us have been exactly where you are at in life and are warriors like yourself.  Remember, we are Americans and we will help our warriors where ever they are around the world.  It will be of course up to you to contact us but when you….you will see we will be right there for you! If you have any suggestions for our website we would love to hear from you so we can make things better for all.  If you would like to advertise with us again just send us an message through our contact page and we will contact you asap.


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