Elect President Trump bumps up U.S. Military

Elect President Trump bumps up U.S. Military

On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States, unfortunately our outgoing President failed the American people and our United States Military.  Presidential Elect, Donald Trump has long promised big changes for our military veterans along with major changes to veteran affairs.  Over the past 8 years under the Obama administration we’ve seen our military men and women suffer humility and disgrace because of poor decisions.  Under the Trump administration it is no secret that Presidential Elect, Trump has surrounded himself by some of the most highly decorated military men and women of all time and is destine to build up our depleted military infrastructure.  Although, U.S. Military is the best and most highly trained in the world, it is time to re-establish a new fleet of high-tech military equipment, which includes, war ships, aircraft, vehicles and more. This greatly needed bump will surely be good news to all Americans abroad and the rest of the world as well. It is no secret that we have much work to do, basically to undue what the Obama administration has created but over time we will, “Make America Great Again!”

Military Expectations

Of course, our military men and women have high expectations of our government and our Commander in Chief must be a strong leader who rules with an iron fist against Islamic Radical Terrorism or any type of domestic terrorism as well.  Unlike our current administration, who refuses to use the words, “Islamic Radical Terrorism.”  Our military personnel who are deep in the sand trenches of these third-world countries fighting the war on terrorism are people you cannot fool.  They see it on the front lines everyday, and they all know the danger of Islamic terrorism. They expect our government to back them every step of the way, if not, and we do not stop terrorism in their countries it will surely be widespread in America.  Those expectations have to do with supplying them the necessary backup and equipment to properly do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Deployed Troops

Troops which have been deployed are true warriors, however, it is common knowledge many return with Post Traumatic Stress which makes it difficult to adapt to society.  Moreover, if a military soldier is treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder then it is nearly impossible to get a job in law enforcement or really any City, County, Federal job because of the stigma attached to it.  So then, what are we saying to our troops?  I am not sure where to begin as it is something nobody seems to want to talk about.  However, it must be discussed and it must be something that is categorized by levels otherwise we’re creating a monster and it will never die. It appears most deployments are for a period of one year, however, it seems many serve several tours of duty over their tour.  Anyway, my point here is there must be some changes in order to give our warriors good counseling, good medical and dental benefits and take care of their families in the time of need.  We can no longer allow our warriors to suffer just because the Obama administration has failed them.  We will continue to change, develop and grow in America….and like President Trump would say, “Make America Great Again!”

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